Users are still searching for a suitable application of these relatively new symbols. The elasticity of meaning, which is often caused by their Japanese origin, makes emoji enormously attractive and stimulates the creativity of mobile users.

To understand how people use emoji and to discover missing symbols, Lilian Stolk is organising workshops. Starting with a glance through the origin of our language: hieroglyphics and cuneiform, workshop participants learn how to read and to communicate through images, which becomes more and more relevant in this Internet-era.

The workshops are suitable for all ages. E-mail us for more information.

VPRO’s Eva La Futura did an emoji workshop

emoji expert booklet for children

Stedelijk Museum Workshop for children
emoji workshop for children @ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, May 2016

Stedelijk Museum - Spaghetti-web
A spaghetti emoji, result of workshop @ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Hijab emoji
A Hijab emoji, result of a workshop at a high school in Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum-web
emoji workshop @ Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam